Friday, June 23, 2017

Notice To Republican Voters: Yes, Electing Trumpie is Hazardous to Your Health and Well Being

Just Don’t Get Sick GOP’ers

The Center for Disease Control seems to be one of the few government institutions that works.  Or at least it did.  From the WaPo.

Nearly 700 vacancies at CDC because of Trump administration’s hiring freeze

What does this mean.  Oh this.

Nearly 700 positions are vacant at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because of a continuing freeze on hiring that officials and researchers say affects programs supporting local and state public health emergency readiness, infectious disease control and chronic disease prevention.
The same restriction remains in place throughout the Health and Human Services Department despite the lifting of a government-wide hiring freeze last month. At the National Institutes of Health, staff say clinical work, patient care and recruitment are suffering.

Yep,  can’t wait for all those ‘more righteous than thou’ Trump voters to get sick and find out that no, they cannot get help from the Feds.  But they won’t worry, after all the wealthy get a huge tax cut.

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