Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Second Tragedy in the High Rise Fire in Britain

Flammable Panels Were Used to Save 2 Pounds per Panel

The fire of a high rise in England killed as many as 58 people.  And maybe it could have been prevented.

In the wake of the fire, it has emerged that the panels fitted to the outside of Grenfell Tower during a substantial refurbishment in 2011 were the cheaper flammable version, that cost £22 each, compared to the “fire-resistant” version which cost £24 each. The total saving from using the non fire-resistant panels has been estimated at around £6,000. There are also concerns that the addition of the panels to the outside of the building created a “chimney effect” sending flames up the outside of the building, spreading the fire faster.

No one knows why or how this happened.  But if it turns out this was a failure of the regulatory process of the state then those who want to destroy governmental oversight need to take a good long look at themselves.

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