Monday, June 19, 2017

White Supremacy – the Ugly Side of America – Still Lives

Does a Trump Administration Promote This or Discourage This?

A great success story is the state of Virginia.  The home of the Confederacy and bastion of school segregation up until the 1970’s the state is now a moderately progressive tolerant home to a diverse population and strong economy.  But that doesn’t mean that leftover racism does not rear its ugly head.

The gathering of several dozen protesters in Charlottesville, Va., was led by Richard B. Spencer, a prominent white supremacist, who posted pictures and video from the gathering to social media that showed a phalanx of demonstrators holding Confederate battle flags and a banner proclaiming, “We will not be replaced.” Their chants, some of which were captured on video, included “Russia is our friend” and the Nazi-era slogan “blood and soil.”

The good news is that this event was news in the sense that it was unusual.  The bad news, these people are flourishing in a world where racism is becoming more acceptable.  The worst news, under Trump and his minions this sort of thing is likely to grow and prosper.  They almost won the Republican primary for Governor.

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