Sunday, June 18, 2017

Betsy DeVos Won’t Say That Private Schools That Discriminate Will be Denied Federal Funds

And other snarky comments on the news.

A lot of news that didn’t happen.

  1. Ed Sec Betsy (I am a billionaire, I don’t do public education) said in a hearing that it would be up to states to decide if federal law which prohibits discrimination would be enforced.  She went on not to say “I grew up in a prejudiced and bigoted household and had the benefit of private education.  If I had gone to public schools I might have not been able to develop my sense of privilege and my biases.  Many parents today are decent, compassionate and fair minded people so if we expect kids to become bigoted and prejudiced adults they are going to have to learn it in private schools like I did.”

  1. Melania Trump apparently doesn’t want Donnie to touch her.  We feel your pain Mrs. Trump, boy do we feel it.

  1. Speaking of Donnie, apparently he told the Pope that he would not forget what the Pope told  him.  In a surprising development what the Pope actually said was not leaked to the press because, as the White House staff pointed out, Trump forgot what it was the Pope said.

  1. Ben Carson, the first Secretary of Housing dedicated to eliminating decent housing for low income families has said that poverty is a state of mind.  So it does no good to help these people, they just want to be poor.

  1. The NYT has reported that Trump will disregard his pledge to donate his foreign profits to charity.  Trump is reported to be furious this story is out there because as he is saying in private  he doesn’t donate any profits from his domestic businesses either so what’s the big deal.  As for going back on an earlier promise, Trump did not say, “C’mon, that’s what I do.  Haven’t  you people figured that out yet?”

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