Monday, June 12, 2017

WSJ Has Feature Article on How the Rich Fish

Stomach Turning, and Not Because of Dead Smelly Fish

Every now and then a story comes to light that is so revolting it stirs revulsion of a nearly unprecedented level.  Such is the story about fishing in the WSJ. Now fishing, particularly catch and release, is a noble pastime, practiced for millennia and something that gives contemplative joy to millions.  It is simple, a rod and reel, a pristine stream and the quiet solitude of nature.

But if you are rich in America fishing is totally different.

“When I only have an hour or two, I will just walk off on my porch and fish my own water,” said Mr. Felsinger, 69, the retired chairman and CEO of Sempra Energy who spent about $16 million to create his home and trout redoubt at 3 Creek Ranch—a gated community with a Rees Jones-designed golf course, 3 miles of private trout streams, and a full-time fishing coordinator. “My passions in life are playing golf and fly fishing, and I get to do both.”

The disgust here is not about the spending, well maybe a little bit of disgust.  No the disgust here is that spending $16 million for ones private trout stream is being done by people who claim they are over-taxed, who claim they are suffering from government confiscation and from people who want a tremendous tax break paid for by denying health care to low and middle income families.

Trump and the Republicans want to put millions into the pockets of people like Mr. Felsinger through Medicaid cuts and then top that with general tax cuts that almost all flow to the ultra wealthy.  Disgust is too mild a word to describe this.

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