Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Trump Apparently Thinks He Can Pressure Mueller – Trump is Wrong

A Decorated Veteran Will Not Be Intimidated by an Orange Haired Person Who Sat Out Military Service

The WaPo and NYT have stories about how Donnie thinks he can threaten Mueller with firing and thus get the former FBI Director to give Trump a favorable outcome on the various investigations currently being undertaken.

A person who spoke with Trump on Tuesday told the New York Times that the president was pleased by the intentional ambiguity of his position on firing Robert S. Mueller as special counsel, “and thinks the possibility of being fired will focus the veteran prosecutor on delivering what the president desires most: a blanket public exoneration.”

Really, the President of the United States can be this clueless?  Look at Mueller’s background.

Mueller, 72, earned a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star with Valor for his gallantry in Vietnam before devoting most of the rest of his life to public service. Trump, 71, avoided military service by claiming a medical deferment for “heel spurs,” and he’s said that his “personal Vietnam” was avoiding sexually-transmitted diseases while sleeping around in New York. “I feel like a great and very brave solider," the president once told Howard Stern.

Decorated Vietnam War Vet vs sufferer of ‘heel spurs’.  Not exactly a fair fight.

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