Thursday, June 29, 2017

Like Politicians Everywhere, British Conservative Party Sacrifices Principles to Stay in Power

Reaches Deal to Buy Off a Small Party of Bigots

For the most part the Conservative Party of Britain are nice conservatives.  They support the nation’s comprehensive national health system and the previous Prime Minister support gay marriage as a matter of principle.  But the recent election in Britain took away the Conservatives’ majority and now they have formed a union with a small Northern Ireland party of hate to stay in power.

Of course what they really did was just buy them off.

“In return, London pledged an extra £1 billion ($1.27 billion) of public spending in Northern Ireland over the next five years in areas including infrastructure, education, health and economic development. Mrs. Foster said the Conservatives also agreed to ditch proposals on overhauling benefit payments for retirees that the DUP opposed.

Who is the DUP?  Well strict anti-abortion and climate denial is their core identity.  Sort of like Trump, without the charm.

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