Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Donnie Appears to be the Typhoid Mary of Stupid Comments

Stephen Colbert, Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher Among the Highly Infected 

If one hangs around stupid people who say stupid things the stupidity may be contagious.  And since this is a mental thing one does not even have to be physically close.  Just paying attention to Donald Trump can apparently make intelligent, witty and clever people say stupid things.

This apparently has happened to folks like Stephen Colbert, who made a crude and unfunny joke on his TV show about Trump, to Kathy Griffin who used a crude and unfunny prop about Trump and to Bill Maher whose inattention to propriety led him to use a racial slur.  These people are really funny almost all of the time, what’s wrong with them?

In Colbert’s case someone forgot to mention to him that what he was saying did not have any humor.  A funny set of comments can negate any crudeness, but without funny all one is left with is crudeness.  As for Kathy Griffin, she was fired by CNN which was a huge surprise to many of us since we had no idea she worked for CNN.  It turns out upon investigation that she hosts a New Year’s Eve broadcast.  There is no excuse or explanation for what Bill Maher said.  It was just plain idiotic.

But as we say, the problem here may be Trump.  He says so many moronic things that if one listens to him on a regular basis, if one pays attention, if one is current it may be impossible not to catch whatever disease he has.  Certainly Spicer, Conway, Pence, McMasters and the other members of Team Trump have severe cases of Commentarious Stupiditus.

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