Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trump’s Core Supporters Still With Him – Despite the Fact That It May Be Literally Killing Them

Emotion Triumphs Over Reality in Kentucky  District

A while back the Washington Post took a ride with Rep. James Comer (R, Ky) as he visited his congressional district.  They found out this.

“That was the friendliest town hall in the world,” Comer said as he walked out, and now he was in the car with his district director, saying of Trump, “He’s still so popular.”

It was raining, and he was heading west through some of the most rural parts of his district.

“I saw some poll, nine out of 10 people who voted for Trump still would,” he said. “I think that’s true here. That’s my assessment of the attitudes.”

The sad part, this part of Kentucky is an economic disaster.

Comer’s congressional district is a horseshoe across the southern part of the state, 6 ½ hours by car end-to-end, that is 90 percent white and where nearly 1 in 5 people live in poverty, more than 1 in 6 are disabled, and 72 percent voted for Trump.

The even sadder part, Trump policy will make these people’s lives worse,  not better.  Far worse.  Maybe even fatal if health care is taken away from many of them.  Comer went to Washington to take away people’s health insurance.

Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) leaves the McLean County Courthouse in Calhoun, Ky., on May 12, 2017, after a town hall. (Michael Noble Jr./For The Washington Post)

In the future those deserted streets will be the result of less health care and more dead people.

 He said the ACA had deepened the problems in Kentucky by opening up such wide access to Medicaid, the health-care program for low-income Americans. He said so many had signed up across the state that nearly 1 in 3 were now covered under that program — and receiving free coverage. Some of those people, he said, desperately needed that help. But many were feeding off the system.

“If you live here, you know somebody who looks like me, is on Medicaid, and is just not working,” he said.

Think about that quote and the reasoning (?) behind it.  Increasing access to Medicaid “deepened the problems in Kentucky”.  Wow.  The feds paid for the expansion, hundreds of thousands of people now have health care and in the mind of this cruel conservative that made things worse.  And the highlight of Comer's term in Washington, no not passing legislation to help people, it was riding in Air Force One.  Yes, it's all about him, nothing about the people.  What a turd.

One hopes the people of Kentucky and other areas that blindly support Trump will one day open their lives before it is too late in many ways, including too late because their eyes are closed permanently by lack of health care.

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