Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Trump Administration Seeks Delay in Supreme Court Hearing on Travel Ban – We Guess that Immediate Dire Threat Never Existed

Trumpie Shoots Himself in the Foot and Other Body Parts

Remember how the Muslim travel ban was necessary to respond to an immediate threat, that terrorists were streaming into the nation.  Well first of all the administration did not appeal the first court ruling against the ban and instead drafted a new ban.  And now instead of hurrying before the Supreme Court the Trumpster is saying wait a minute, no big deal, no big hurry.

The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to give the Trump administration more time to explain why the high court should take up the case of the president’s embattled travel ban.

In a letter sent earlier in the day, Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall proposed a change to the expected briefing schedule to allow it to formulate a response to an opinion issued Monday by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Justice Department's maneuver risks delaying Supreme Court consideration of the case until October, inviting administration critics to question whether the sense of urgency that inspired Trump's travel ban is shared by the lawyers who are defending it.

So once again the Trump people are exposed for what they are.  And everybody knows what they are.

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