Friday, June 23, 2017

California Sen. Diane Feinstein Considering Running for Re-election


To see why the current status of the Democratic party in the U. S. is one of almost unconsciousness one need only consider the fact that 84 year old Senator Diane Feinstein of California may run for a new term. If she does then there is another six years where young dynamic leadership is blocked from moving into important electoral positions.

Sen. Feinstein would not be running to advance an agenda.  She would noy be leading the charge for progressive legislation.  She would be running purely to continue the ego trip of being a United States Senator.  Ms. Feinstein is wealthy, and wealth buys a lot of nice things, but wealth cannot buy political status.  Only an election can accomplish that.  So Sen. Feinstein may hold onto her Senate seat solely for the perks of being a Senator.  The progressive agenda, that’s secondary.

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