Thursday, June 15, 2017

We Want to Take WSJ Editorial On Kansas Tax Increase Seriously

But It is Just So Stupid

After realizing that cutting taxes and spending was an insane policy with respect to economic growth and prosperity the conservative Republicans that control the Kansas legislature voted to override a veto and raise taxes.  This infuriated the tax-cuts-no-matter -what-the-cost radical conservatives who write editorials for the WSJ.  Of course none of them live in Kansas where the devastating spending cuts did not balance the budget and harmed education, infrastructure and made the state inhospitable to business.

Writing an editorial about the issue Journal blamed, and get this, the teacher’s union.

The press accounts gleefully talk of how “moderate Republicans” joined with Democrats to raise taxes to address exploding state deficits. But substitute “Republicans backed by teachers unions” for moderate Republicans, and the real picture comes into focus. At bottom the Kansas tax vote was as much about unions getting even with the Governor over his education reforms, which included making it easier to fire bad teachers.

That’s right, teacher unions, who have zero influence in the Republican party are to blame.  Incredible.  The truth of course is that all but the most radical of conservatives saw the policy was failing, failing badly.  So having to answer to voters rather than the elitist of the eastern Republican establishment the GOP faced reality and fixed some of the broken policy.  As for the WSJ, well they can’t handle the truth, can they?

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