Thursday, June 1, 2017

Coward-in-Chief Trump to Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord

Prez Lacks Courage to Tell Europeans in Person at Recent Summit

Cut and run, back down in the face of a challenge, refuse to do the dirty work in person; that’s the modus operandi of bullies and cowards.  So although Trumpie had the opportunity to confront the Europeans and tell them that the U. S. was withdrawing from the Paris agreement on climate, he slinked out of that continent and said little.  This was no surprise.  Had Trumpet decided to remain in the Paris Accord he would have said so in order to bask in the praise from the allies.  He just lied and said he had not made up his mind as of that time.

Now the reports in USA Today and other sources are saying the administration has decided to leave the Accord. 

It was not immediately clear whether the president intends to make a quick, clean break with the treaty or to work out a full, formal withdrawal, which could take three years.
The move, if confirmed, comes despite the urging of European leaders at the G-7 summit last week in meetings with Trump not to abandon the accord.
The agreement, formally known as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, focuses on ways to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. It was negotiated by 195 countries at a conference in 2015.
It was formally adopted following the ratification by a sufficient number of signatories and took effect in November, 2016. Under the terms of the agreement, member countries promised to reduce their carbon output "as soon as possible" and to do their best to keep global warming "well below 2-degree Celsius" of pre-industrial levels.
This was not a recent decision, it was made before Trump met with the European leaders.  He just did not have the guts, the courage, the gumption or the backbone to tell them to their face.

The opposite of leadership?  See Donald J. Trump.

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