Saturday, July 1, 2017

New Health Care Plan – Just Repeal ACA and Leave Millions With No Health Care

And Extra Good, Rising Premiums For Those Who Do Have Insurance

The Billionaires Solution to Health Care – Let ‘Em Suffer and Die

For those who thought the Senate Republicans had reached bottom in their cruel plan to reform health care so as to get rid of 22 million who would have health insurance under ACA, the billionaire Koch Brothers have driven the GOP even lower.  With the current Senate Republicans deadlocked between cruel and crueler, the Koch Brothers have initiated a policy of just repeal and see what happens.  From the LA Times.

President Trump’s surprise suggestion Friday that deadlocked Senate  Republicans shift their focus to simply repealing Obamacare — and worry about replacing it later — has its roots in a Koch network proposal that has been shopped around Congress for months.
The influential Koch network, backed by the billionaire industrialists, floated the idea most recently at a retreat last weekend in Colorado Springs, Colo., where key conservative lawmakers heard an earful from frustrated GOP donors about the party’s failure to deliver on their signature campaign promise.

For those not familiar with the Koch Brothers, they are the people whose billions support tax cuts for the rich, no restrictions on polluting the environment and basically stripping government of any programs that do not benefit the ultra wealthy.  They produce heavenly commercials touting how nice their companies are, sure signs they are evil.

The Koch brothers and their donors at the luxurious resprt of course have the finest health care money can buy.  As for the rest of the nation, well the Koch’s and their co-billionaires probably feel that if the poor folks will just get up off their butts and work and quit taking government help they too will be billionaires and be able to have health care. 

It is a total mystery why people like the Koch’s who have wealth beyond measure are so greedy, so mean, so vicious and so uncaring that they would use their power, wealth and influence to make other people suffer and die.  Hopefully at some point in the future this will be explained, but for now, well we will just have to wonder.

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