Friday, July 28, 2017

In the End, Sen. John McCain (R, Az) Does the Right Thing and Preserves Health Care for Millions at Least Temporarily

After Conflicting Votes, the Senator Re-discovers the Courage That Formed His Character

When he returned to the Senate to vote on whether or not to proceed with health care legislation , Senator McCain blasted the process.  He then proceeded to vote to go ahead with the process he said was wrong.  He also voted for various versions and amendments to the law which were at odds with his positions.  One wondered why?

Finally, when the final vote came, when it came time to vote on a horrific bill that would have sent the process to a House/Senate conference committee he said no.  In doing so he provided cover for the troops, for endangered Senators like Dean Heller (R, Nv) who had the freedom to vote for the bill knowing it would fail.  

This vote, along with Sen. McCain’s impassioned defense of the character of Barrack Obama during the 2008 campaign when a member of the audience at a rally questioned his patriotism, will be the historical legacy of an American who, when it mattered stood up and was counted.   

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