Thursday, July 20, 2017

New York Times Comes Roaring Back From Second Place in Investigative Reporting to Take the Lead

Now Washington Post Must Step Up to the Plate and Regain the Lead

Years from now historians will look back on this year as a golden age of journalism.  The Washington Post and New York Times (and even once the Wall Street Journal) have been stellar in their reporting on the activities of the Trump administration and their calumny.  The Post had been in the lead, but by breaking the story on Fredo Trump and his brining Young Jared and Paul Manafort into a meeting with a well connected Russian the Times is now leading the pack.

This should worry the White House folks who are trying to bury the truth.  WaPo reporters are going to re-double their efforts, to the great benefit of the American people and to the horror of a corrupt and lying administration.  And the funny thing, Trump is an accomplice in his own problem.  He gave an interview to the Times that is making headline news.  And not in a good way.

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