Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trump’s Promise to Settle the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – FAILURE

New Israeli Settlements Belie Attempts by Boy Wonder Jared Kushner to Reach a Resolution

Donald Trump put his best man in the Middle East to solve the conflicts, his son-in-law.  Never mind that Jared had no international experience, no knowledge of the intricacies of the conflict and no personal relationship with any of the players.  Trump is the master deal make so surely his daughter’s husband with his extensive experience in New York area real estate deals could deal with the simple matter of the Arab/Israeli dispute.

Well now look at what’s happening.  Israel is building massive new settlements in captured territory.

Called “Amichai,” a contraction of the Hebrew for “Amona is alive,” this is the first new Jewish settlement in the West Bank fully approved by the Israeli government in 25 years.
It is located in the heart of the occupied West Bank, closer to Jordan than the Mediterranean Sea, on land that Palestinians want for an independent nation. 

As for Jared, well he made a one day trip to the area, got a bad reception and came home to deal with his own personal problems with his real estate ventures that are in financial difficulty, his potential criminal liability in various campaign actions and now the fact that he tried to extort favorable coverage from Morning Joe by trading an endorsement of Trump for spiking a story in the National Enquirer.  Nice going Jared.

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