Wednesday, July 26, 2017

AG Jeff Sessions - A Man of No Self-Respect

Will Do Anything - Will Tolerate Anything to Remain in Power

It used to be that people, even people in high positions had some degree of self worth, of self respect, of a willingness not to suffer unlimited slights.  That era has apparently passed, as documented by the Bigot in Chief, Jeff Sessions, the current and soon to be, hopefully former Attorney General.

Session's boss, who happens to be the President, has impugned and insulted Mr. Sessions to the nth degree.  A decent person would have resigned.  Heck, even a sycophant would have resigned.  It takes a special kind of cravenness to suffer the abuse Jeff Sessions has suffered and not have enough principles to leave.  But of course Sessions is a man whose own party deemed him too much of a racist to be a federal judge.  That kind of person will grovel and crawl and do whatever is necessary to keep his post. And he probably will, that kind of behavior is what Donnie loves best.

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