Monday, July 24, 2017

Are There Any Democrats Left to Talk About Policy?

Republicans Are Wrong – But At Least They Go Out and Argue for Their Programs

On Sunday the NBC program Meet the Press took a holiday so the network could televise The Open.  Over at CBS Face the Nation had four guests.  Three of them were Republican s and one was an obscure Democratic House member.  This was not bias on the part of CBS,  apparently there are not any major Democrats willing to go public.  Even Bernie Sanders who is not a Democrat took the day off.

While we have no idea of what Democrats were doing as opposed to actually campaigning for their policies, here’s is what we think may have happened.

Nancy Pelosi:  The former Speaker thinks appearing on TV is beneath her, that she has many much more important social activities and besides, she did a lot of work on health care in 2009 so that entitled her to take a decade or so off.

Chuck Schumer:  The Senate leader of the Democrats decided he could hide better than Ms. Pelosi, so we have no idea where he is or what he is doing.  He did emerge to appear on ABC and talk about policy initiatives which neither he nor anyone else will follow up on.

Tom Perez:  The DNC Chairman won the job based on his position that he would lead the party.  He apparently thinks that this does not involve making public presentations, appearing on talk shows, recruiting candidates or raising money.  One must assume he is currently in the midst of a 6 month vacation leading up to taking off several weeks during the November/December holiday season.

Joe Biden:  The former Senator and Vice President is doing what almost all pols do, earn money for themselves.  Biden is writing a book and planning a speaking tour to promote it.  He may be contemplating a Presidential run in 2020 but is wondering if he is old enough.

Tim Kaine:  the VP candidate in 2016 has decided he wants to be the quiet voice in the Senate.  He is working on maintaining his silence.

Democrats have adopted a position that all they need to do to win elections is run against Donnie Trump.  After all, that worked great in 2016.

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