Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trump Deliberately and Personally Attacks the News Media and Its People

Now Critics Are Attacking the Victims

The news media is not always accurate.  It cannot be because there is a huge amount to cover and it has to be done quickly.  Size and speed lead to mistakes.  But in America, other than Fox News when the news media makes a mistake they correct it, and sometimes if it is so egregious they fire people.  They are held accountable.

The President attacks the media because like all would be tyrants and bullies and liars he knows that the truth is his greatest enemy.  So his attacks make news.  And now some are, incredibly, blaming the press.

“The media’s impulse, which is understandable, is to keep the focus on his threats to the press, and not to let them become normalized,” Pope wrote. “But we have reached the point at which the media response has become counterproductive and even beneficial to the president and his lackeys in the White House, who have turned the West Wing into a megaphone for Trump’s faux media war and reporters in the White House briefing room into photo-op foils.”

Wow, it’s like that mugging victim should be jailed for walking down the street and getting mugged.  The speaker above is a professor at an ivy league school.  Okay, that explains his confusion and errors.

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