Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sen. Ron Johnson (R, Wi) Discovers GOP Leader Mitch McConnell is a Two Faced Liar

Apparently He Has Never Met His Party’s Leader

One of the more despicable tactics politicians use is to delay unpopular provisions of a bill and hope that they will not be blamed when the bad things happen.  In the case of the now brain dead health care bill Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R, Ky) went even further and said not to worry about the bad provisions.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), another Obamacare repeal skeptic, on Monday accused McConnell had committed a “breach of trust.”

The Wisconsin Republican was stunned to read in The Washington Post that McConnell was privately arguing that major reforms to Medicaid were so far in the distance that they would never take effect. Johnson said Monday that he’d confirmed through conversations with other senators that McConnell had made the remarks, which he said now puts a procedural vote on the bill in “jeopardy.”

“The reported comments from Leader McConnell before last Thursday about ‘don’t worry about these Medicaid changes, they won’t take effect,’ that’s troubling to me. I have talked to senators that basically confirmed that. I’ll see what Leader McConnell says tomorrow,” Johnson said on Monday evening. “From my standpoint, it’s a pretty serious breach of trust, those comments. I’m just troubled by those comments.”

Now anyone who has followed Sen. McConnell is all of this would not be surprised at his duplicity.  He drafted the bill in secret.  He refused to allow Democrats to be involved.  He ruled that there would be no public hearings.  And all of that was in direct contradiction to his stance when ACA was being debated.  And after saying he did not support repeal without replace, that he would not do that he is trying to do that.  So why Sen. Johnson thought McConnell would not sell him out is a mystery.    

Sorry Ron, when you lie down with snakes you are going to get bitten.    

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