Friday, July 14, 2017

Remember When Trumpie Called the Iran Nuclear Deal the Worst Ever (Except for all the Other Deals He Called the Worst Ever)

Now He Will Certify Iran is in Compliance


Real issue are being lost in the Juniorgate scandal consuming Washington at this time.  One of them is the Iranian nuclear deal that Trump promised to tear up on day 1.  Well like all of his other promises, this one is blowing in the wind. 

The Trump administration, delaying an anticipated confrontation with Iran until the completion of a long-awaited policy review, plans to recertify Tehran’s compliance with the Obama-era nuclear deal, according to U.S. and foreign officials.

The recertification, due Monday to Congress, follows a heated internal debate between those who want to crack down on Iran now — including some White House officials and lawmakers — and Cabinet officials who are “managing other constituencies” such as European allies, and Russia and China, which signed and support the agreement, one senior U.S. official said.
As for the future, well, once Trump has lost every single friend America has, then he will be free to act as he wanted to, maybe, well sort of, well you know

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