Sunday, July 9, 2017

They Are Laughing at the Republican Administration

And Just Cutting Off The Microphone

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, one of the many billionaires that think they know how regular people live and what regular people need was scheduled to go to Germany and talk.  Well he chickened out, as might be expected when he had to face a not all that friendly audience.  Here’s what happened.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was supposed to attend this week’s Economic Council of the Christian Democratic Union meeting in Berlin, but suddenly canceled his travel plans on Tuesday. Ross was scheduled to give an address at the conference immediately before German Chancellor Angela Merkel, so he instead gave his remarks by teleconference from Washington.

Ross was allotted 10 minutes to speak. After he spoke for more than 20, the conference organizers cut his feed mid-sentence. The audience “laughed and clapped” in response, according to Bloomberg News. Merkel then rose and, during her remarks, disagreed with one of Ross’s points.

One wonders how long Ross continued to speak after he was cut off but didn’t know it.  Make America great again?  More like make America a laughing stock, and we all know who the chief jester is.

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