Saturday, July 15, 2017

Republican Senators Collins and Paul Throw Fellow GOP Senator Heller Under a Gigantic Bus

Sorry Dean, You Are About to be History, and Not the Good Kind

The new Senate health care bill can afford to lose only two Republicans before it is declared brain dead.  So there are two ‘get out of jail free’ cards.  Immediately after the unveiling of the newest and greatest version Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky and Susan Collins of Maine grabbed the two tickets.  So the next Senator who says he or she will vote no on the bill will be the one who scuttled repeal of ACA for the GOP.

There a several Senators who could step up to the plate and take strike three, but the most likely batter is Nevada Senator Dean Heller.  The popular Republican governor of the state has come out against the bill and Heller has said he is opposed.  But if he declares opposition he is the person who killed the Republican dream.  And in his state there are billionaires who are ready to kill his political career if he does not support the bill, and voters who are ready to kill his political career if he does.

The ideal situation for Heller would be for several other Senator to join him in rejecting the health care law proposed by Mitch McConnell.  But Heller may not be smart enough to realize this, or those other Senators may be too smart to join the suicide squad Heller would like to form.  So, so long Dean, hope you are enjoying your one and only term in  what used to be the world’s greatest deliberative body and is now just another fetid swamp in Washington.

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