Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kelli Ward – Today’s Worst Person in the World

Honoring Keith Olberman and Exposing a Nasty, Vicious Person

On his old TV show, the one he had before he talked himself off the air, brilliant commentator Keith Olberman had a feature he called the worst person in the world.  We are bringing that back because there are so many candidates.  Today’s winner(?) is Kelli Ward, who last we heard from fought and lost a primary challenge against Sen. John McCain. Now Ms. Ward wants Sen. McCain to go away from Washington, go home and die.

“I hope Sen. McCain is going to look long and hard at this, that his family and his advisers are going to look at this, and they’re going to advise him to step away as quickly as possible, so that the business of the country and the business of Arizona being represented at the federal level can move forward,” Kelli Ward, who lost to McCain in last year’s Republican primary and is now running to unseat U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), said Thursday during an interview with an Indiana radio station.

In a statement posted later on her website, Ward said McCain’s cancer is “both devastating and debilitating” and he “owes it to the people of Arizona to step aside” when he’s no longer able to perform his duties.

Of course, the reason for her position is straightforward, she wants to be appointed to his seat.

Asked if her name is getting “thrown in the hat” as a possible replacement, Ward said: “Well, you know, I certainly hope so. Because, you know, I have a proven track record from years in the state Senate of being extremely effective and of listening to the voice of the people that I represent.”

Sen. McCain has earned the right to do whatever he wants.  Ms. Ward has earned herself a ticket to Nowheresville.  Let’s hope she departs public life and slinks away to whatever place is so desperate for residents that they would have her.

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