Wednesday, July 12, 2017

People Are Not Being Nice to Speaker Paul Ryan

So He Won't Play With Them Anymore

From Taegan Goddard we have the report that when House Speaker Paul Ryan finds out that a few folks don't like him, which he kinda shoulda expected since he wants to take health insurance away from tens of millions and use the savings to give huge tax reductions to millionaires he runs and hides.  Don't expect to see Ryan mentioned if anyone looks up the term "courage of his convictions".

"Ryan Says He’s Done with Town Hall Events

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) told CBS News that he will no longer hold public town halls.
Said Ryan: “I don’t want to have a situation where we just have a screaming fest, a shouting fest, where people are being bused in from out of the district to get on TV because they’re yelling at somebody.”
Political WireInstead, Ryan said he would use “new and creative” methods of having a civil dialogue with constituents."

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