Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Senator Dean Heller (R, Nv) Is Both For and Against Repeal of ACA

Who's Afraid of Billionaires?  

It was a surprise several weeks ago when Nevada Republican Dean Heller said he could not support the Senate bill that gutted health care coverage for tens of millions nationally and for hundreds of thousands of Nevadans.  But he was pretty strong as he stated he would not support taking health care away from people.

But Heller has allowed himself to be buffaloed, and before the vote on whether or not to proceed he changed his mind and issued this statement.  Apparently Heller thinks by voting to proceed and then maybe voting no he will survive.  But even his supporters hate a man with no backbone.  If the Dems can even mount a weak challenge in 2018 Heller will be gone.  As well he deserves to be.

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