Friday, July 21, 2017

What Republicans Think of Health Care, What Junior Told Daddy

And Real News You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

The following is speculative, but that don’t mean it cannot be true.

  1. If Mitch McConnell, former boy genius, follows through on his threat to hold a vote on GOP repeal of ACA to make recalcitrants more vulnerable because of their opposition, he needs to think again.  Given the low popularity of the bill those opposing it will be heroes.

  1. It is almost certain that Junior Trump went running to Daddy Trump to tell him about his big coup in getting Russians to provide damaging info on Hillary.  And that is why Donnie went on to brag about big revelations about Hillary that were coming and then slink away when they didn’t.  Anyone who believes Trumpie didn’t know is busy buying that bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

  1. And anyone calling the soon-to-come Republican tax changes ‘reform’ probably says liver and onions is filet mignon with asparagus.

  1. Trump is reportedly mad about the collapse of the health care bill.  Just think how mad he would be if he actually knew what was in it.

  1. After saying that he would not own health care the President is expected to replace the sign in the Oval Office that says ‘The buck stops here’ with one that says “The buck don’t even come here’.

  1. Republicans need to raise the debt ceiling soon to avoid government defaulting on its obligations.  Watching Speaker Paul Ryan sweat and squirm on this one is expected to be must see TV.

  1. Democrats plan to spend the August recess searching for someone, anyone, who can actually go out and organize rallies.  Nancy Pelosi will say she would like to but she is having to go to dinner parties that month.

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