Monday, July 31, 2017

Think Drug Usage is a Victimless Crime? Think Again

It is Killing Tens of Thousands of Mexicans Each Year and Corrupting the Government

Drug users are to be helped.  They are addicts.  But they are also selfish people who are creating death and destruction in Mexico.

Ms. Breach was one of 11,155 people murdered in Mexico in the first five months of 2017, according to government statistics. The pace of murders—about one every 20 minutes—represents a 31% jump from a year earlier, and, by year-end, could rival 2011’s 27,213 homicides for the worst body count in Mexico’s peacetime history.

Deadly Trend

By some calculations, 2017 is likely to be Mexico’s bloodiest year in recent history. The Interior Ministry, which reports numbers monthly, shows a spike in murders. The National Statistics Institute, which reports yearly and is considered more accurate, typically shows a higher total.

Deaths in Mexico from Drug Gangs

*Interior Ministry data through May †Based on the current murder rate holding course for the rest of the year and the average average upward revision by the National Statistics Institute
Sources: Interior Ministry; National Statistics Institute; Alejandro Hope, security analyst in Mexico City (2017 estimate)
Why, well drugs of course, illegal drugs being sent to the United States.

Many of the causes of the resurgence are long standing, including the growing market for opioids in the U.S. and a bloody competition among rival trafficking groups touched off by the death or arrest of senior leaders.

It is very simple.  No usage of illegal drugs in America, no drug gangs in Mexico.  Yes they would still try to rob and kill and pillage in their own country, and there is little America can do about that except support legitimate and non-corrupt Mexican officials.  But as long as illegal drugs are being used here, Mexicans will die.

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