Wednesday, November 13, 2013

With the President’s Approval Ratings Plummeting, Mitt Romney Says He is Entitled to a Do-Over

Different Rules Apply to Me the Former GOP Candidate Says – I’m Rich

While this Forum supported the concept of health care reform, this Forum was highly critical of the mess of a bill that actually passed.  And it is now  more clear than ever that while Mr. Obama can make a great speech, his ability to govern is very limited.  And his political skills may be the worse of anyone since Jimmy Carter inhabited the White House.

So Americans are  unhappy with the President.  And Republicans are joyful, taking every shot they can at Mr. Obama, but are also somewhat oblivious to the fact that no, they are not going to be running against Mr. Obama in any election in the future.  But in news that did not happen, this apparently has not stopped Mitt Romney from wanting to re-do the 2012 election.

Romney Wants to Have a Presidential Election
In 2014, Claims He’s Entitled But Not the Kind
of Entitlement of the 47% of
Lazy, Worthless, Welfare Sucking Americans

Washington (AP)  Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who ran and lost against Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election today announced that he was calling on the country to re do the 2012 contest some time in early 2014.  “It’s just not fair that I lost to Mr. Obama” Mitt said, “and the only reason I am not President is that the election took place in 2012 instead of late 2013.  I should have the right to have an election whenever I want to, just as I have the right to have as many luxury houses as I want to.” 

Mr. Romney acknowledged that the Constitution would prevent such an election but said that the Constitution should only be invoked when it could be used to attack Democrats.  “Since we Republicans revere the Constitution this means that we can ignore any provision we want, because that would not change the fact that we love the Constitution and carry a copy with us wherever we go.”

Romney went on to say that if Mr. Obama was too chicken to run against him in February of 2014 he would move to require Mr. Obama to be the Democratic candidate in 2016 regardless of the fact that he is not eligible under the Constitution and regardless of the fact that it is Democrats nationwide who pick the nominee, not rich Republicans.  “My $250 million net worth gives me far better insight into who should run the nation” Mr. Romney added, and went on to say that “if Democrats don’t like that they don’t have to participate in the 2016 election. And if elected I will replace Obama style health care reform with the same program we did in Massachusetts, that works great."

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