Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just Never Enough Money For Critical Needs – Unless the Needs Are For Sports Stadia in Atlanta

In That Case, Plenty

Although it is not in good shape, the Coliseum in Rome is still standing.  The Coliseum in Los Angeles is many decades old, and it is still in use.  But in Atlanta, Georgia, a state with a lot of problem of the poverty and social and educational nature there are football and baseball stadiums that need replacing after only a few decades.  For example the baseball field where the Braves play.

Gosh, what an ugly, outdated, terrible facility in which to play major league baseball.

Turner Field, named for Ted Turner, the Braves’ former owner, was an outgrowth of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. After the Games, the 85,000-seat Centennial Olympic Stadium was converted for baseball and its capacity reduced by more than 30,000.

The new ballpark calls for just over 41,000 seats, which would make it like many others built for baseball since the 1990s.

The impetus for the Braves moving is the expiration of their lease at Turner Field after the 2016 season and upgrades that would cost “hundreds of millions of dollars,” John Schuerholz, the team’s president, said in a video statement issued Monday.

For example, the football stadium where the Falcons play.

As the Braves leave downtown, the Atlanta Falcons have plans to stay. The N.F.L. team has announced plans for a $1.2 billion stadium with a retractable roof to be built just south of the Georgia Dome, where it now plays.

For example, some decrepit neighborhoods where many inner city children play.

Yeah, nothing there, nothing to see, move on.

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