Saturday, November 23, 2013

Democrat John Edwards, Former Senator, Former VP Nominee and All Around Sleazebag is Opening a Law Office

No, It is Not Called “Scumbags ‘R Us – But It Could Be

In the last decade the nation has been treated, if that is the correct word, to the spectacle of the major parties nominating John Edwards and Sarah Palin for Vice President.  Really, is there something wrong with this country, did we do something to offend the Almighty and this is the revenge we get placed upon us.  Seriously, how did the U. S. deserve national nominees this bad.

Ms. Palin turned out to be politically intolerable, Mr. Edwards  turned out to be personally intolerable.  And now Mr. Edwards is re-starting his law practice.

From left, David Kirby, John Edwards and his daughter Cate. The three will work at the new firm, Edwards Kirby.
Ethics, we don't need no stinkin ethics

Now, Mr. Edwards is returning to his roots and opening a new law practice. The plaintiffs’ firm, Edwards Kirby, reunites him with his former partner, David F. Kirby, and includes on its payroll his eldest daughter, Cate Edwards.

“The reason we formed this firm is because we all believe in the same thing — in standing up for the disenfranchised and those who need an equal chance,” Mr. Edwards said in a telephone interview from his offices in Raleigh, N.C. “That’s why we exist.”

Mr. Edwards and his partner and his daughter may all believe in the same thing, but it’s not standing up for those who need help and support.  If that were the case he would still be in public office, and would not have put his own wanton desires ahead of the job he was elected to, serving the nation in the Senate.  So what does he believe in?  Well collecting big fees is probably the thing he and his colleagues in his firm have in common.  That and the ability to tolerate the intolerable behavior that Mr. Edwards has exhibited in his private life.  And Mr. Edwards is probably pretty lucky, because how many people are there that could stand his presence and be qualified to practice law?  Maybe he has found the only two in the universe that would partner with him.

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