Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How Ignorant are Anti-Gay Conservatives? Here’s a Clue

And Here’s the Answer, Pretty Ignorant

The Senate has passed the anti-discrimination bill with some Republican support.  Republicans knew they could get a free pass on this one because the bill will not only not be approved in the House, it will not even be voted on.  It is a sad commentary on the state of Conservatives that the only explanation for their opposition is bigotry and hatred.  Really, there is no other explanation

While the Senate approved a law that would prohibit discrimination in the workplace based on sexual identity here is what proponents are up against.

While opposition appears less organized compared to previous gay rights debates in Congress, senators of both parties said the emotion surrounding the issue has complicated efforts to break a Republican filibuster attempt.

One senator recalled having to explain to a colleague that the new law would not, in fact, require insurance companies to pay for sex-change operations. Another spoke of phone calls from constituents who were convinced that their children could be taught in school by men wearing dresses. And conservative groups like the Family Research Council are warning their supporters that the bill would force Christian bookstores to hire drag queens.

And it is not true that the same people opposed to equal treatment for all Americans are also opposed to legislation that would ban the burning at the stake of women suspected of being witches.

And they did not say “While we do not think it is appropriate to burn a woman accused of witchcraft we certainly want to protect the rights of those who do want to do so.  Particularly if that woman is a lesbian witch, which as we all know are the worst kind of witches.  And if this law passes Christian bookstores would not only have to hire drag queens, but would also have to hire lesbian witches and warlocks, or even worse, Democrats."

Not to worry though, even though the bill passes the Senate its chances in the Republican controlled House are about the same odds as a religious fundamentalist zealot actually embracing tolerance and charity and compassion.

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