Sunday, November 3, 2013

Need a Clue as to Why NJ Republican Chris Christie is So Popular and Favored to Win in a Landslide?

Hint:  It’s Not an Anti-Government Spending Stance

In competitive states those in power quickly learn an important fact.  Provide government services and increase spending, or you will not stay in power.  NJ Gov. Chris Christie, who may be the most brilliant politician of this era has learned this lesson well.  He has lavished spending on New Jersey.

NJ Gov. Christie - Government Spending is OK When Republicans Do It

Mr. Christie made headlines when he declared he was canceling construction of a tunnel under the Hudson River to halt runaway costs, but he has issued more debt for transportation projects than any of his predecessors. Overall spending has risen 14 percent, and while state surpluses nationwide are growing, New Jersey’s has shrunk to its lowest percentage in a decade. The state’s bond rating is among the worst in the country.

Why is this important?  Well it’s just another nail in the coffin of conservative dogma. 

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