Monday, November 11, 2013

North Carolina Candidate for Congress Switches Parties to Become a Democrat

Ex-Military Man Unloads on the GOP

This Forum has been accused of a lot of things, but eloquence has never been one of them.  And that criticism is valid.  So when someone else says something far better than what the author here can say it, it is our sworn duty to present those words.

In North Carolina a Republican running to unseat Rep. Walter Jones, R, North Carolina’s 3rd District has decided he cannot run as a Republican.  Here in all its glory are the reasons why.

Thigpen again took aim at the GOP legislature in his party-switching announcement. “I didn’t go to war to defend the liberties and freedoms of one party, race, sex, or one income class of Americans,” he said. “So, to come home from serving our country and see North Carolina legislators using their super-majority status to gerrymander districts and pass a law to deliberately suppress and oppress the voting rights of Democrats but more specifically minorities and college students, is absolutely deplorable.

“This same group of spineless legislators piggybacked a motorcycle safety bill with legislation intentionally geared to shut down women’s health clinics because of their ‘right righteous’ beliefs on abortion, while then cutting funding to the programs which help feed and provide healthcare to the babies they invariably forced the same women to have. Sounds like the Christian thing to do, huh?”

Although we do not live in his district, this gentleman gets our vote.That will at least create one instance of voter fraud that the Republicans say is so rampant in the nation that they have to disenfranchise millions in order to prevent a single false vote from being cast.

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