Saturday, November 2, 2013

Observations on Sports and America –

Taking a Break From the Media Reporting Piling On Mr. Obama and Health Care Reform

It looks like the wait for honest, objective reporting on the national scene will take longer than the wait for Godot, so this being the premium sports season here are a few comments on sports and America.

  1. The beginning of the World Series TV broadcast starts with the “The Chevrolet Pre-game Show” and the announcer follows that comment with “Brought to you by Chevrolet”.  Is there any better comment than that on the status of intelligence in this nation.

  1. College basketball, (or as it is actually known, the NBA minor league)  season is starting. This is early you say, and wonder why?  The money folks, the money.

  1. Despite the criticism here of college athletics, the athletes themselves are superb.  They deserve better than punishing their bodies to make millions for coaches, schools and the NCAA.

  1. The hockey season has been going on for weeks.  Has anyone noticed?  Probably not.

  1. Golf has moved the start of its season to the fall.  Has anyone noticed?  Probably not. 

  1. Tiger Woods is upset that a Golf Channel analyst implied that Mr. Woods cheated last season.  The fact that Mr. Woods deliberately and knowingly violated a rule in the Masters last year and would have been disqualified had the rules not changed to allow the tournament officials to let him off with a penalty does not enter into Mr. Woods thinking.

  1. The neat thing about the Red Sox beards is how bushy and old school they are.

  1. The Winter Olympics will begin in a few months next year in Russia.  Why?

  1. In college football the Ohio State University Marching Band is a much better group to watch than the Ohio State University football team.  Do band members get scholarships?  Are they paid under the table?  If the OSU members were paid under the table like the football and basketball team members may be,  this Forum would have no problem with that.

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