Sunday, November 17, 2013

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R ) Continues His Presidential Campaign Reciting Blather at The Citadel in Charleston

Perfecting the Art of Saying Nothing

The most declared undeclared candidate for President in 2016, Senator Rand Paul, took his fledgling campaign to a military college in the South, where he spoke about military matters and said absolutely nothing.  For example here is Mr. Paul on military spending.

“As a senator, I will, if I have to, not hesitate to vote for war,” he said but added that “an America that did not seek to become involved in every conflict of the world could do things to make us safer at home and abroad.”

In praising Mr. Reagan’s Cold War military stance, Mr. Paul harked back to an era of vast military spending. But he said that he would not give the military “a blank check” and would audit the Pentagon “not because I dislike the military, because I like the military.” He said he would convene a task force of leading military thinkers to cut waste and use the savings to modernize the forces.

Wow, what a bunch of meaningless drivel.  He is for wars abroad, but against wars abroad.  He is for more spending but against more spending.  And he takes the courageous stand against waste, wow, he is against waste.  And like every other politician that campaigns along these lines he identifies zero elements of waste, names not a single item.  But he will convene a task force to find the waste.

Mr. Paul also previewed the attacks against Hilary Clinton, claiming that the tragedy in Libya, which was neither a personal nor a policy transgression, but a horrible tragic event that was not her fault.

He drew applause in the packed hall when he reprised a line of attack against former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for her handling of the terrorist assault on the United States mission in Benghazi, Libya, last year, saying that it had been a “dereliction of duty” and should “preclude Hillary Clinton from ever holding high office again.”

No, given Mr. Paul’s history of tolerating bigots, his lack of even basic compassion for those less fortunate than himself and his total ignorance on policy matter, that is what should preclude Senator Paul from ever holding high office.  But Mr. Paul is of the “entitled” class.  See, his daddy ran for President, and like Mitt Romney, that fact qualifies Mr. Paul to run for President.  At least in his own mind, if not in the mind of the rational section of the population.

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