Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Four Elections That Are Important – And Will Not Receive Media Attention

Because the Media is Lazy and Ill-informed

Everyone will be focused on the gubernatorial elections in Virginia (will Ken Cuccinelli lose big time?) and New Jersey (will Chris Christie win big time) and the New York City mayoral race (how big will Big Bill win by?) but there are four more elections that are equally important.  These four will give some insight into voter sentiment and current political thinking.

  1. Attorney General – Virginia.  The Republican candidate for the AG post in Virginia is a rock ribbed social conservative running as a social moderate.  The question here is will he be able to fool enough voters to get elected, and what does that mean for Repbublicans in a swing state?

  1. Tax increase in Colorado – An increase and change in the state income tax in Colorado is on the ballot.  The increased funding would support education and the measure has the support of establishment Colorado, both Democrat and Republican. The race will tell the nation just how strong the anti-tax, we don’t support government, we want free services movement is today.

  1. 1st Congressional District, Alabama – This is a runoff for the Republican nomination in an open seat, which is tantamount to election.  One candidate is an establishment conservative, the other a radical Obama hating, gay hating, tax hating, compromise hating Tea Party favorite. Another radical member of Congress won’t make much difference, except that if he wins it is one more member of the Republican Caucus who will move the party even further right.

  1. Mayoral race Charlotte – This low key race is between a center right Republican and center left Democrat, and is being fought largely on who can govern more effectively and not on ideological grounds.  The recent mayor of Charlotte, Pat McCrory governed as a moderate Republican but then turned out to be a radical conservative in moderate clothing once he was elected Governor.  The election will say a lot about how much the Republican brand has been damaged in North Carolina, if it has been damaged at all, by radical laws passed by Republican now in control of the state.
These races would be receiving national attention if there was real reporting in America.

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