Monday, November 4, 2013

Brown University Students Need to Know That College is Supposed to be A Learning Experience

A Bunch of Them Students Still A’int Learning

The head of the police department in New York City is a controversial figure because his department engages in stop and frisk activities.  That is, they stop ordinary citizens because they look “suspicious” and we all know who it is that looks suspicious.  (Don’t know, here’s a hint, it’s not your Wall Street banker who may be leaving the office after cheating folks out of millions.  They look perfectly normal to the police and the regulators.)

So when that person, Ray Kelly was scheduled to speak at Brown University in Providence some students were upset.  Being some of the elite American college attendees, the best and the brightest they surely knew that Mr. Kelly was entitled to speak and they were entitled to not attend.  But not being the best and the brightest they did attend and this is what happened.

A small but vocal group of protesters Tuesday shouted down New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly at Brown University , leading administrators to cancel his lecture after he delivered only a few words.

Most of us, the rest of America have little use for the Ivy League schools and their pompous administrators and pompous professor and pompous students.  The students at Brown are giving us just another reason why.

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