Friday, November 1, 2013

Rand Paul Plagiarizes Wikipedia and Marco Rubio is Leading the Fight Against His Own Immigration Bill

How Can the Democrats Be So Lucky to Have These Bumblers as Opponents

The three senators who are running for President in 2016, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are off to a rocky start.  Mr. Cruz is currently orbiting in an alternative reality where his government shutdown strategy is good news.  But back on Earth his two senatorial opponents are also making news, just not in a good way.

In turns out that Senator Rand Paul is a serial plagiarist.

Mr. Paul appears to have lifted words for a speech this week from a Wikipediaentry about a futuristic movie, “Gattaca,” which imagines a world with a population that has been genetically engineered.

The senator was trying to make a point about eugenics and abortion, saying the United States was veering dangerously close to eliminating people whom society considered to be undesirable. In doing so, he made a reference to the movie and twice spoke lines that were virtually word for word from the Wikipedia description of the plot of “Gattaca,” which was released in 1997.

and like Ronald Reagan before him he seems to confuse fictional movies with real life. 

No one of course is astounded that Sen. Paul lacks integrity, anyone who has followed him over the last several years knows that.  The surprising thing is that he is so crude at pilfering words that are not his.  And Wikipedia?  C’mon Man at least steal from a good reliable source.

[Update:  It turns out that Sen. Paul may not have plagiarized due to his lack of integrity.  It may be that Mr. Paul is simply ignorant and has no idea what plagiarism is.  And yes, the idea that Rand Paul is ignorant is not an original idea with this Forum and no we do not claim so.  We would give attribution to that idea but it has so many sources that it is impossible to do so within the space limitations of the Internet.]

As for Senator Rubio earlier this year he was making news for his support of immigration reform.  But that news was bad news to conservative Republicans, the ones that will foist an ultra far right nominee on the country in 2016.  So now Mr. Rubio is leading the fight against his own proposed legislation.

WASHINGTON—Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who did more than any senator to rally conservative support for the sweeping immigration bill the Senate passed in June, is all but abandoning the legislation he helped to author.

Early this year, Mr. Rubio aggressively promoted the measure on conservative talk shows. But in a reversal, he now is arguing the Senate bill shouldn’t form the basis of negotiations with the House and that the House should work to pass narrowly tailored immigration bills.

As Ted Cruz will soon say about Senator Rubio in his recently begun 2016 Presidential campaign, if Sen. Rubio were at the Alamo folks in Texas would be speaking Spanish.

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  1. Cruz, Paul, and Rubio are lightweights working from different drafts of the same crazy script. Nothing to see here, move along.