Thursday, November 7, 2013

Washington Post Political Guru Chris Cillizza Makes a Rare Stumble in Annointing N J. Gov. Chris Christie the Front Runner for 2016

Wait Until the Crazy Wing of the Republican Party Piles On

The strategy of N. J. Republican Chris Christie, as foretold here some time ago (humility not being a hallmark of this Forum) to become President was to win big in the New Jersey gubernatorial race, lose weight and then viciously attack Mr. Obama.  Well Mr. Christie has lost weight and he won big on Tuesday and after this it will be safe for his soon-to-come vitriolic venomous assault on the President.  This has resulted in the eminently credible Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, probably the best political analyst not named Nate Silver currently writing, to put Mr. Christie in first place in the rankings for 2016.  This from his rankings.

1.    Chris Christie: No one has had a better 2013. The only question for Christie is whether the power center of the party has moved so far toward the tea party that he simply cannot be its choice due to his focus on pragmatism over principle and winning over all else.

But like almost everyone else Mr. Cillizza is talking only with the establishment Republicans and just does not comprehend how mean and nasty and vindictive the radical conservatives can be, and how they place being right (in their minds only) above everything else, including winning.  They are more than comfortable nominating a far right candidate who cannot win than nominating a regular right winger who could win.

Mr. Christie had to tack to the middle to get his expected big victory.  So here’s what coming at him in 2015 and 2016.

  1. Mr. Christie appointed a Muslim to a judgeship in New Jersey and even worse, defended the appointment against the bigoted right wing attacks.  Expect him to be called soft on terrorism and anti-Christian.
  2. Mr. Christie indicated he would be willing to approve a referendum on gay marriage and a few weeks ago dropped a challenge to a court ruling that allows gay marriage in New Jersey.  Expect him to be called a proponent of the gay and lesbian life style.
  3. Spending has risen sharply in New Jersey, so expect him to be called (horror, horror) at tax and spend liberal.
  4. After hurricane Sandy Mr. Christie actually praised President Obama.  Expect that film to play continuously in the primary season.

In short, once he gets into the race the rabid wing of the Republican party will aim their guns at this easy target, and given Mr. Christie’s short fuse and long temper, it’s going to be an interesting and likely futile fight on his part for the nomination.  The theme, the Republican party is not going to nominate another Mitt Romney, one Mitt Romney is enough for a lifetime (actually that’s a sentiment everyone could agree with.)

Sorry Chris, your strategy is sound, but your political party is not.

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  1. The entire list represents a sorry state of affairs in the Republican Party.