Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Anti-Business Obama Administration Clears the U. S. Air /American Airlines Merger – Creates One More Airline Monopoly

If Democrats Are Anti-Business They Have a Funny Way of Showing It

Listen to Republicans and Wall Street and one gets the impression the Obama folks are communists masquerading as socialists.  The business community turned mightily on Mr. Obama in 2012, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce abandoned all pretense of political neutrality and millions in contributions from businesses went to the Republicans.  The only remaining issue, WHY????

It would be hard to find a Republican President and administration more supportive of big business, Wall Street crooks and a policy of stiffing the honest person.  If a financial firm is found to be engaging in criminal activity, about the most that happens is a stern warning, a fine that is far less than what was stolen and a court settlement where no one admits they were wrong.  And now the Obama folks have given the green light for American and USAir to form a monopoly in air travel for many locations.

American Airlines and US Airways have reached a deal to merge into the world's largest airline. What does that mean for travelers? Easy question, they get into bed together and the passengers get screwed.
AMR Corp.  and US Airways Group Inc. reached an antitrust settlement with the U.S. government to allow their $17 billion merger to proceed with only limited concessions, paving the way for a new global airline colossus.

So what does the new airline look like slimmed down after it makes so-called anti-trust concessions?

US Airways and AMR, parent of American Airlines, agreed to give up space at several major airports across the U.S., most notably reducing their combined daily departures at Reagan National Airport near Washington by about 15% and at La Guardia Airport in New York by about 7%.

But not to worry, even though the combined airline will have over 57% of the flights out of Washington National and about 45% of the flights out of O'Hare, the executives of the combined airlines have announced these changes in flight service.

  1. A new gate fee will be implemented, charging each passenger $25.00 to enter the gate area, but no charge for leaving and only $10.00 for the coming back from the bathroom.
  2. The barf bags will cost $10.00 each, but contain and wet cleanup napkin.
  3. Flight attendants will be allowed spill three drinks on any passenger before being required to assist in cleanup
  4. If your flight is overbooked you will be charged only $100.00 for the inconvenience you have caused for the airline.
  5. A passenger having to change a flight because of a death in the immediate family will get a 10% discount off a $500.00 fee to change the ticket, provided a death certificate and autopsy is provided 14 days in advance of the death to a ticket clerk.
But no need to thank the Obama administration, your misery on your next flight is thanks enough.


  1. Many travelers flying USAir "commuter" flights out of DCA have long been surprised to find themselves huddled together at a "gate" that takes them to buses, which then dump them at the foot of the collapsible steps to their "regional jet." This often results in long cold or hot waits on the bus while the flight attendant on the empty plane finishes the chapter of 50 Shades of Gray. So, to improve the passenger experience, the newly merged airlines have announced AMRhound. This new service eliminates the aircraft entirely; the airport shuttle will simply deliver the passengers directly to their destinations. Studies of flight delays on the ground and in the air demonstrate that this new AMRhound service will be able to deliver most passengers to their destination just as quickly as the old airborne service