Friday, November 8, 2013

Non Conventional Wisdom on 2013 Election Results

Commentary on the Real Meaning of the Races

The mainstream media will be reporting conventional wisdom in analyzing the recent election results, and as usual will miss much of the story.  Here’s the story they will be skipping over.

  1. The Republican brand is toxic in New York city.  Most pundits will attribute Bill deBlasio’s win in the city as standard operating procedure for a Democrat.  But it has been 20 years since a Democrat was mayor of New York.  The win for Mr. deBlasio was an indication of just how disliked the Republicans are in that city.  In fact the Republican candidate ran against the Republican label and was still trounced.

  1. Mr. deBlasio ran on a theme of reducing inequality in the city.  Good theme, wrong office.  Big city mayor are managers not policy implementers.  If Mr. deBlasio does not get the garbage picked up, crime reduced, the schools improved and the city running on time it could be another 20 years before a Democrat is elected mayor.

  1. The closeness of the race in Virginia for Governor was a huge loss for Republicans.  The reason is that a big loss would have served as a strong blow to radicals within the party, and the close loss will just encourage them.  Intra-party fighting in the Republican party will be a huge story in 2014, fueled by the close loss in Virginia in 2013.

  1. The decision to have Mr. Obama campaign in Virginia late in the game was a huge mistake, and probably cost the Democrat several percentage points in the race.  Unless health care reform implementation makes a huge recovery, and unless the press reports that recover, the first very likely, the second very unlikely, do not expect to see Mr. Obama playing a role in the 2014 general election.

  1. Are we the only ones waiting for the vicious attacks by ultra conservative Republican Presidential hopefuls against Chris Christie and waiting to see how the notoriously thin skinned New Jersey Governor responds?

  1. Colorado voters moved full pot legalization closer by enacting a tax on its sale. 

  1. In Virginia a center right candidate would have obliterated the  Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe.  An attractive Democratic candidate, one who had a record and an agenda would have obliterated Mr. Cuccinelli.  Why can’t we have better candidates?

  1. It is not wrong to hope that Mr. Cuccinelli suffers mental anguish from his loss.  He is not a nice person, and he is not even a real conservative.  He would use the power of government to enforce his own views on how individuals should lead their private lives, and his desire to actively control how women live and behave would have caused huge mental anguish to them had he been elected. 

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