Sunday, November 17, 2013

Even With All of the Problems With the President, Is Anybody Wishing Mitt Romney Had Won? Anybody

And Other Comments on the News

With everyone’s attention span limited due to the impending holiday season (oh sorry Ms. Palin, due to the celebration of the birth of the Savior of the entire world, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Budhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Un-believers, Non-believers , etc the non-Christians being too pagan to realize this and hence have to be coerced in to believing) here are some short, pithy observations about the news of the day.

  1. The President is taking a beating in the press for his failure to get health care reform implemented in a competent manner.  But no one, not even his harshest critics are saying they wish Mitt Romney were President instead of Barack Obama.  In fact, it is likely most of Mitt’s family are saying the better man won.

  1. This Forum may owe an apology to Secretary of State John Kerry.  We thought his desire for the job was just a self aggrandizing egomaniacal trip, but it appears he is actually doing good work.  And working hard.  Who would have guessed?

  1. And speaking of foreign policy, it appears that the Obama administration is making progress in the Middle East, at least with respect to Syria and Iran.  Of course none of this is reported in the news, which is focusing on Sarah Palin and her defense of persecuted Christians in the United States.

  1. One explanation for Mr. Obama’s slide in the polls is that there is nothing to compare him to.  A generic opponent always looks better than the devil one knows.  But even with his current ratings does anyone think that Sen. Ted Cruz or Sen Rand Paul would defeat Mr. Obama in a Presidential election?  Really, anyone?

  1. The sorry state of American journalism is shown by the current infatuation over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie following his big win for re-election.  That big win was news maybe a year ago, and the fact that he would win big was a given for months and months.  For some reason the press thinks this is current news.

  1. The Senate is back to blocking Mr. Obama’s judicial appointments.  Why?  Because they can under the archaic and undemocratic Senate rules.  When will those rules change?  When the Republicans control the Senate and the Presidency of course.

  1. Europe adopted a policy of austerity to stimulate the economies of southern Europe.  How’s that working out after five years? Paul Krugman recently pointed out that Europe's recover from this recession is slower than the recovery from the Great Depression.  

  1. If Republicans are so concerned about the fact that insurance companies are cancelling policies (and replacing them with better ones at lower costs after subsidies) why don’t they pass legislation to allow the companies to simply upgrade the current policies so they conform with the law?  Oh, that would mean actually doing something rather than using an issue to political advantage.  “We’re Republicans, we don’t solve problems, we exploit them”.

  1. How many shopping days left until Christmas?  Not sure, about a little less than the number of days until Republican cave, again, on shutting down the government or not raising the debt ceiling.  Or maybe they won't, thus rescuing the falling ratings of the President, again.

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