Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why Do TV New Shows Showcase Disgraced, Losing Republicans?

Don’t They Have Anyone Better Than Newt Gingrich and John McCain to Interview?

The Sunday morning talk shows are about the only time when political leaders actually have to face real questions, and of course most the time they are able to duck any substantial answers.  They are politicians after all, and the ability not to answer a question is a key attribute towards electoral success.  But this still leave another question.

Why is it that John McCain and Newt Gingrich are constant guests on Face the Nation, Meet the Press, ABC This Week etc?  Of course we know why Republicans dominate Fox News, since any concept that Fox News was an actual news network rather than a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party was dashed years ago.  But why put McCain and Gingrich on what are supposedly real news networks?

John McCain is not a leader in the Republican Party.  He is a failed Presidential candidate, and every appearance he makes confirms that his failure as a Presidential candidate is well deserved.  If you want to give your children nightmares, tell them the story of what America would be like had Mr. McCain succeeded in his drive to win the White House. 

As for Newt Gingrich, didn’t his ugly, wasteful, disjointed, incompetent run for the Republican nomination indicate that this man, who has been absent from any elected or national leadership position for over a decade, disqualify him from ever speaking on national issues?  Okay, he like everyone else gets to speak, but really, who wants to listen to him.

Look Republicans, we are trying to help you out here, because you sure as heck need help.  But you need to help yourselves first.  Get the Gingrich’s and the McCain’s off the national news networks, in fact get them to a nunnery.  Really, that’s the beginning of a road to recovery.

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