Friday, November 9, 2012

6,500 Years Ago Working in the Salt Mines Was Apparently Not Hard Work

Town Found Which May be the Oldest in Europe

Residents Died Off From Hypertension – Obama Care Blamed

Archaeologists working in Bulgaria of all places claim to have found the remains of what they think is the oldest town in Europe.

Vasil Nikolov, a professor from Bulgaria's National Institute of Archaeology, said the stone walls excavated by his team near the town of Provadia are estimated to date between 4,700 and 4,200 B.C. He said the walls, which are 10 feet (3 meters) high and 6 ½ feet thick, are believed to be the earliest and most massive fortifications from Europe's prehistory.

One of the more amazing things about the find was that the town apparently had great prosperity, there were gold artifacts and the houses were two stories.  The source of all of this wealth was apparently salt works.
This handout picture released by the 
Bulgarian National Institute of Archeology
 Sept. 26 shows the remains of a 
stone wall enclosing an ancient town,
 some 255 miles northeast of Sofia.

Mr. Nikolov said the settlement near Provadia was home to some 350 people who likely produced salt from the nearby rock-salt deposits.

"They boiled brine from salt springs in kilns, baked it into bricks, which were then exchanged for other commodities with neighboring tribes," Mr. Nikolov said, citing as possible evidence the gold and copper jewelry and artifacts that have been unearthed in the region.

So what happened to the people.  Well salt was very valuable in civilizations at that time, and with an abundance of the stuff and no medical research to keep the populace in place everyone probably salted the hell out of their food, got high blood pressure and died away.

Conservatives visiting the site said they had proof that Obamacare was instrumental in keeping the resident from getting treatment from their high blood pressure, and that Fox News would have a special on the area “President’s Health Care Program Wipes Out Town in 4,200 BC” airing just after the election. 

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