Monday, November 19, 2012

Republican Governors Figure Out What the Rest of America Already Knew – Mitt Romney’s Real Views

What Took Them So Long?

One of the real issues of the 2012 election was that nobody could tell who the real Mitt Romney was.  Really, what did this man actually believe, what were his core values? Now, after his repeated assertion that there are 47% of Americans who are takers, that they are bought off by ‘gifts’ from President Obama and that’s why they voted for him, we all know that is what he really thinks.  The ’47 percent’ comment was not a campaign gaffe, it was a look into the real Mitt.

Republican governors, meeting in a post election celebration of their success finally caught on.  They are now denouncing Mr. Romney.

A telling sign of their determination to change course was their swift denunciation of the latest tone-deaf comments by Mitt Romney, who little more than a week ago they were all trying to help elect president.

Of course, they still remain clueless on the other parts of the election.

Added Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, who survived a recall effort earlier this year: “It’s not that our beliefs are wrong. We’re not doing an effective enough job articulating those beliefs.”

No Gov. Walker, the problem is that your beliefs are wrong.  You have done a good job of communicating what Republicans believe, and the holiday shoppers are buying it.  You only win when you hide your beliefs, like you did in your election campaign.

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  1. What took them so long? They were waiting to see if Romney could win the election. If he had talked about "gifts" in October, these same politicians would have spun his comments or at least kept their mouths shut.