Thursday, November 8, 2012

Republican Senators Obliterate Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown

An Amazing Display of Stupidity

The victory of Democrat Elizabeth Warren over Republican incumbent Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts was more than just a triumph for populism, support for working class Americans and a vote against a largely fraudulent candidate.  It was an affirmation of just how destructive Republican governing policy can be.

Mr. Brown was a shoo-in for re-election, there was really no big name Democrat around to challenge him.  But Republican Senators in a hissy fit denied Harvard Profession and consumer rights advocate Elizabeth Warren the position as head of a new consumer protection agency.  Had she been allowed to serve she would have finished here public service career as the obscure head of an obscure agency.

But when Republican refused to consider Ms. Warren for the position, it drove her into a Senate campaign against Mr. Brown.  And so the only way for Mr. Brown to lose happened.  All of this was avoidable had the Republican in the Senate not been just a bunch of dumb asses.

No, the Democratic Party does not have a good national strategy.  But as Republicans continue to act against their own best interests maybe they don't need one to succeed.

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