Thursday, November 8, 2012

Want to Feel Even Better Than the Euphoria From the Election? Penn State’s President is Arraigned

A Man With No Compassion for The Sandusky Victims Deserves None for Himself

The Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal that rocked Penn State University will not end.  And that is a good thing.  The latest development is that the man who was President of the University during that time has been arrested and arraigned on charges of a cover-up.

Former Penn State president Graham Spanier was arraigned and released on bail at a brief court appearance Wednesday on charges he lied about and concealed child sex abuse allegations involving former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

Spanier, accompanied by his wife, signed paperwork after his bail was set at $125,000, but he was not required to post any of that amount. He was ordered to forfeit his passport and be fingerprinted. He didn’t enter a plea.

We have no idea if Mr. Spanier is guilty of anything, that’s why we have trials and juries.  But we do not that his defense is not great, he pleads politics.

Spanier’s lawyers put out a statement law week that accused Gov. Tom Corbett, who was attorney general when the investigation began, of orchestrating the charges to divert attention from questions about why it took three years to bring charges against Sandusky. They said there was no factual basis for the Spanier charges and said the grand jury report was “a politically motivated frame-up of an innocent man.”

But Mr. Spanier from the beginning has always claimed he was wronged, and his expression of regret and sympathy for the victims have been lacking any real conviction.  His major position is that he did nothing wrong, even though it is now acknowledged and proven that horrible crimes against children took place during his administration, and that he was at least aware of allegations.  A decent and caring person, even if innocent of the criminal charges, would be horrified.  Mr. Spanier feels only persecution.

One assumes that Mr. Spanier’s legal costs, like the legal costs of his co-defendant administrators will be paid for by Penn State.  After all, doesn’t every employer pay the legal cost for its employees to defend themselves against covering up sexual assault criminal activities?

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