Thursday, November 29, 2012

Conservatives Come Completely Unhinged and Want to Elect Mitt Romney President by Boycotting the Electoral College

The Tea Party Lunatic Fringe Just Keeps Entertaining the Rest of Us

Here’s a great idea to defeat President Obama and make Mitt Romney the President of the United States.

The article, by Judson Phillips, a former Shelby County, Tenn., assistant district attorney and founder of Tea Party Nation, posits that if 17 of the 24 states that Romney carried refuse to participate in the Electoral College, the college would have no quorum, throwing the presidential pick to the GOP-controlled House of Representatives.

Wow, that’s a great idea, exploit the Constitution so that Mitt Romney and not Barack Obama is inaugurated.  Why would anyone want to do that, well here are the paranoid delusional reasons as put for by Idaho state legislator Sheryl Nuxoll.

She said, “I think it is very, very sad that we elected our current president, because he is definitely not following (the) Constitution. He is depriving us of our freedoms by all the agencies, and so … what I’m thinking is the states are going to have to stand up for our individual rights and for our collective rights.”

What a creative scheme!!  What could be wrong with this idea.

Constitutional scholar David Adler, director of the Andrus Center for Public Policy at Boise State University, said the plan is not “totally constitutional,” as touted in the article, but is instead “a radical, revolutionary proposal that has no basis in federal law or the architecture of the Constitution.” . . . .

The problem with that, Adler said, is that it’s based on a misreading of the 12th Amendment, which notes when no candidate receives a majority in the Electoral College, the decision moves to the House, where each state would have one vote and a quorum of two-thirds of the states would be required. “The two-thirds reference in the 12th Amendment is a reference not to the Electoral College but rather to the establishment of a quorum in the House of Representatives,” he said.

As for Ms. Nuxoll, well certainly the intelligent voters of Idaho, even the Conservatives would not want this idiot serving in government.

Nuxoll won a second Senate term on Nov. 6 with 64 percent of the vote in Idaho’s new legislative District 7, defeating independent Jon Cantamessa.

  Oh, maybe not. 

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